Intel Open Image Denoiser

This is a simple implementation of Intels Open Image AI denoiser. This is essentially an implementation of the example executable provided in the original repository but instead uses OIIO so that a larger variety of image formats are supports. This command line tool works the same as the Nvidia AI denoiser command line tool I made here.

Here are some examples of what it can do,

Original image:

Denoised image:

The code can be found here:

I have created a windows distribution as well for those who wish to try it out here:




2 thoughts on “Intel Open Image Denoiser

  1. Hi Declan,

    I’ve gotten your new Intel-based AI Denoiser to work. This is a 5 pass Blender render before and after applying the denoiser:

    Your example images above don’t really show how well it works 🙂

    I had hoped I’d see similar results with high ISO photos, but this version of Intel’s Open Image Denoiser doesn’t seem to be trained for that.

    Thanks again,


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