Forgive Me – Interactive Horror Game

As a part of my second year I along with 4 other members of Bournemouth university were given 4 months to create a horror game. I believe we created quite a successful result. You can see some clips of this in my show real but please feel free to play it yourself

Forgive Me Download

Group members

  • Hannah Wong – Lead Modeller, Animator and Producer
  • Will Gosling – Level Creator and additional prgrammer
  • Jingxian Ye – Lead Artist and additional modeller
  • Frank Tan – Additional Artist

My roles in this project was team leader, lead programmer, rigger and level creator.


Team Leader Roles

I was chosen as team leader as it was the horror game pitch was my idea. This role came with the responsibilities of allocating roles to people and directing the overall story and events in the game, keeping them up to a standard that I was happy with.

Level Creator Roles

The game its self is based in a house with 2 stories; a 1’st floor and ground floor. To increase production speed we decided to split these to floors into 2 levels such that I could work on the top floor and my colleague (Will Gosling) could work on the ground floor at the same time. Creating the levels was one of the most time consuming jobs I had to do. It included building the level and creating assets to go into it such as models, textures and even recording sounds to create the eerie atmosphere. Once these models where created we had to create events to happen in the game using UDK’s Kismet tool.

TopFloorWireFrame GroundFloor BathroomToyRoom Foyer  KidsRoom

Rigging Roles

In our game we only needed one model rigging which was our mum character modelled by Hannah Wong. Rigging fell to me as I was the only one with rigging experience in the past. The rigging was done in Maya and took about 5-6 hours to do.

Lead Programmer Roles

As we were using UDK 3 for this game this meant to create any custom AI or nodes that we may need in kismet I had to learn Unreals custom programming language Unreal Script. This was a very difficult task as documentation on it is scarce. You spend a lot of time searching forums trying to find solutions to why your game gets a segmentation fault half way through. Despite these difficulties I still managed to create some custom nodes for kismet to draw textures to the screen, create a basic game type with jumping and crouching controls and finally create a simple AI that would chase you used in the final climax of the game (seen below).